Yes, my kids had a lot of fun playing with my brand new black storage box. But I must confess the episode spooked me out. When I saw both of them fitted in that box lying down I swear I could feel my hair(s?) standing up. And when I saw how they “disappeared” with the lid down… shudder… I was totally spooked.

I don’t know if I’m warped or if I just have an overactive imagination. I mean, there’ve been enough (too many if you ask me) real life news of murdered children or adults found stuffed in bags to warrant such an image don’t you think? Yes, yes, I was spooked major because that image flashed in my head (a split second was enough to do the job).

I even thought what if they hid in the box and suffocated and I discovered them too late!!! Of course my dear grounded, clear headed, less dramatic hubby had to point out that that was not possible as there were holes at the side of the box.

Well whatever it is, that was the first and last time my kids got to play with the box. Mommy has officially banned that activity. It’s just too spooky for mommy dearest. Well that, and the fact that all the climbing in and out of the box was causing the insides of my brand new box to fray!


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