I caught it

I caught the chicken pox virus… just months away from my 37th birthday! I seriously find this rather amusing 🙂

Yes, even after I got myself a prevention jab (which was half expected). The doctor did say I still could get the virus but will experience a milder “attack”. (This is one of the reasons I do not gamble. Given a 50-50 chance I get the worse possibility.)

So far I’m having mild fever and just a few small spots (about 4?)… but more could appear within the next few days. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be REALLY mild (then again going by my track record of “luck”…)

Anyway, if you don’t see any new posts within the week… you’re probably right in assuming my symptoms worsened.

Oh well, that’s my life.


One Response to “I caught it”

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    […] Yes, thankfully I’m feeling quite normal today despite catching chicken pox. I just have very tiny spots here and there but its crummy that I’m quarantined at home. […]

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