Tagged! 5 Things About Myself.

Oh, I’ve been tagged by Pilgrim Parent. I’ve to share 5 things about myself that most of you do not know about me. Hmm… this is not going to be easy since I’ve written 102 things about myself already… but here goes.

  1. I’m terrified of birds! Yes I think they’re beautiful creatures and I like to admire them… but only from AFAR. Ask me to get near one or God forbid, stroke them… oh my, I’d probably collapse in fear. Once a bird flew into my room, I ran out, shut the door and waited (shaking) till it flew out again. Really, it’s tantamount to finding a rat!
  2. Yes, I’m afraid of rodents too.
  3. Speaking of birds… I can’t chop chicken that’s still whole and yes I’m talking about a cleaned up chicken sold at the supermarket. Chicken that’s intact with a neck (worse, a head!), Wings, thighs, feet… you get the picture, a whole bird. I’d probably cringe and gag if I HAD to do it. How do I cook dinner every night? I buy cut up pieces. Strangely I can cut those. Yes, I’m chinese and I grew up watching my grandma and mom chop up whole chickens but… I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.
  4. In fact I can’t eat chickens whole. Serve me a fried spring chicken or those baked ones from the supermarket without cutting them and you’d probably see me freeze. There was once when I was in Macau our well meaning local host served us fried pigeons, whole (with the head, mind you)!! I almost died. Thank God my friend helped by cutting them into smaller pieces for me.
  5. However, I can eat fish whole. I can even eat parts of the head especially yummy fish head curry. Yummm. I stop at eating the eyes though. Goooo…eeey!

There! 5 things you probably didn’t know about me. It may seem like I cheated a little but technically it IS a list of 5 things. Ah well, that’s another thing about me – I try to get away with whatever I can every now and then! 🙂


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