This Little Light of Mine

The chicken pox saga in our home is finally over. Phew! We could finally attend church together on Easter Sunday.

Just a quick recap, first Hubby-jr caught it. Two weeks later I caught it despite taking a vaccination jab. Three days later Little Missy was struck. It turned out to be quite an ordeal for Little Missy and me. Chicken pox hit us harder than it did my son as I was (ahem) too far from young and Little Missy on the other spectrum was too young. But in the midst of the ordeal, an unexpected beacon came from my son, Hubby-jr.

When I was stricken with chicken pox…

Hubby-jr: Mommy has chicken pox.

Me: Yes.

Hubby-jr: It’s ok mommy (gently stroking my chicken pox filled face). Mommy will get better. Jesus will heal mommy.

Me: Do you believe so?

Hubby-jr: Yes.

Me: Did you pray for mommy?

Hubby-jr: Yes. (And he decides to pray for me again) Jesus please heal mommy, amen.

Me: Thank you darling.

We had slight variations of this conversation over the next few days. And when my chicken pox starting subsiding, he exclaimed, “mommy is getting better!”

Then when we finally stepped out of the house as a family marking the end of mommy’s quarantine…

Hubby-jr: Mommy has no more chicken pox. Jesus healed mommy.

And without my prompting whatsoever he says, “Thank you Jesus for healing mommy, amen.” It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Me: Did you learn to pray like that in school?

Hubby-jr: No, not yet (he’s expecting them to?), not in school. From mommy.

Me: You learnt to pray from mommy?!

Hubby-jr: Yes!

That left me totally speechless but in an absolutely good way…
… (sorry, I can’t think of how to end this post, just thinking about it still leaves me speechless)…


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