Pasir Ris Park

This morning we made our way to Pasir Ris Park after hubby heard that they’ve renovated the children’s playground. I was quite blown away when we reached the place.  The children’s play area is HUGE, boasting 4ha. I think it held about 5 to 6 or more different play stations catering to kids of all ages (including teens). This place is awesome. In our opinion (hubby’s and mine) it is better than Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Needless to say my kids had a fantastic time. Here’s some of the stuff they did.

Spider’s web type of thingy?
Up, up, up.
Down, down, down. Wheee!

Fire engine drivers.

For an overview of the children’s play area click on these below.

prpark3.jpg prpark1.jpg prpark2.jpg prpark4.jpg prpark5.jpg prpark6.jpg

There’s also flying fox for children (not in the pics), “rock climbing” thingy for pre-schoolers and swings. Quite something else, don’t you think?

What’s more, besides the children’s play area, there’s horse riding, a mangrove boardwalk, bicycle tracks and a beach at the park. (For more info click here.) It was too bad we only had time for the playground today. But as the terminator would say, “We’ll be back!” (cheesy huh? lol.)


2 Responses to “Pasir Ris Park”

  1. mamabliss Says:

    WOW… I ain’t see nothing yet when I boast about our trip to the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden… thanks very very much for sharing this… we really MUST make a trip to the Pasir Ris park then 🙂 it sure looks extremely FUN…

  2. Evergreen fun « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] visited Pasir Ris Park twice. Before that we hadn’t for about 2 months. So when we re-visited this (one of) our favourite place(s) we were surprised to find a very fun […]

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