Is Mommy Fun?

On a particularly cranky day of mine, after I went through an “overreacting, shouting and later apologising to my son” episode, I had this conversation with Hubby-jr just before his bedtime.

“Is mommy fun?”

Hubby-jr looks at me quizically and answers cautiously, “Yes…”

“Are you sure? Do you have fun with mommy?”

His eyes wonders around his room and spots some of the stuff he plays with me, “Yes!”

Was there a hesitation? Not quite satisfied with the answer and desperate for affirmation, I had to “verify” that my son knew what he was saying. (Ya, I know, I’m pathetic!)

So I asked, “Is mommy fun when mommy is angry?”

“No…o” Hubby-jr says grimly shaking his head.

“But mommy is fun when mommy’s not angry?” I probe AGAIN.


Phew! Just checking, just checking. I really don’t want to be a tyranical, “fear-the-very-ground-I-walk-on” mother. A fun…no, make that very fun, yet “the-one-who-must-be-obeyed” mother suits me just fine. *wink*


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