What would you have done?

The other evening we had a poop accident. Little Missy did the deed in her pants. Yes, we are in the midst of potty training.  

Hubby had the honour of being the discover-ee. By that I mean he was the closest to our screaming daughter. (That’s what she does whenever she poops or pees in her pants). Incredulously the poop was contained within her pants. Dear ol’ hubby whisked her to the toilet took it off and cleaned her.

After the drama subsided (i.e. Little Missy stopped screaming), he looked at me and asked, “What should I do with this (the-pants-with-the-poop)? Should I just throw it away?” I took a peek and saw some ghastly sh*t. Without hesitation I replied, “Yup, just throw it away!”

And that’s what we did; we threw away a decent pair of shorts. The alternative was unimaginable.

But I could just imagine if my mom was here, she would have actually taken the trouble to clean and wash up the mess. And I swear I could hear her saying, “it’s a nice pair of shorts, why throw it away? Just clean it up, what’s the big deal?”

“Well mom, it’s just a pair of shorts. Throw lah. What’s the big deal?”

How about you? What would you have done?


8 Responses to “What would you have done?”

  1. Al Says:

    absolutely agree… did exactly the same… don’t sweat the small stuff…

  2. Jane Ho Says:

    I’m like yr mom. I’d wash it and i have washed it. I have even clear up poop that fell to the ground. Kid’s poop is alright i guess : ) I think vomit is even nastier to clean up.

  3. mommy-fied Says:

    woah… hats off to you Jane! You have one strong stomach. Yes, vomit is pretty nasty too esp after they’ve just taken milk! Last time that happened I used a new diaper to wipe it off the floor. Really effective!

  4. bwee Says:

    Heehee…Depending on what kinda shit (i.e. sticky paste or the easy wash off lumpy kind) and also how much the shorts cost! *lol*

  5. Jill Says:

    totally pitched two pair of totally new underpants last week…probably should have learned the 1st time and put on old ones but oh well – we were in crisis mode with all 3 sick and there was obviously a rather unpleasant stomach component (nothing to do with potty training)

  6. Suerte Says:

    I usually place the soiled item in the washing machine and let tide do the rest.

  7. CathyB Says:

    Depends on how much I like the item. I have thrown out seveal pairs of underwear. It is just easier and better for my gag reflexes.

  8. twithhoney Says:

    I have no problem cleaning up ucky messes so, yes, I would have cleaned the shorts. A quick hit with the garden hose in the back yard followed by a soak in HOT water with OxyClean and then a run through the washing machine and those shorts would be as good as new.

    However, I do throw away Gladware containers that contain mystery moldy food that has been hiding in the bowels of my refrigerator for who-knows-how-long!

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