I can never eat…

…papaya EVER AGAIN.

Little Missy loves the fruit and has been chomping up a lot of it the last two days.

Well, what goes in MUST come out.

The smell… (Oh. My. W…! THE smell!) The fragrance-before and the foul-after seems to have some distinguished semblance…

Even the colour of her “you-know-what” was “distinguished”.

…I leave the rest to your imagination.

Now every time I look at the fruit (the REAL fruit)… I can do nothing but “imagine”.


‘Nuff said.

P/S: You can blame hubby for this unappetizing post. I was sharing my thoughts on this with him when he cut me short with this exclamation… “Too much information!!! If you need to talk about it, don’t tell me, just put it in your blog!” 


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