Good News, Bad News

Good news, I’m back (blogging). Bad news, I’m back (end of my visit to my hometown, end of my break). Good news, hubby is still on leave (he can help me with the kids!).

Good news, I’ve stuff to share with you (I wanna blog). Bad news, our home computer has breathed its last breath! (HELP!!!). Good news, hubby’s work laptop is here cos hubby’s on leave. Bad news, hubby’s going back to work next Monday. Hopeful news, hubby will FIX this problem before he returns to work (new computer? Anyone giving theirs away over at Freecycle?!)

How? What will become of me… if I’ve to go computer-less even if it’s just for awhile… HUBBY DEAREST PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE MONDAY, PLEEEEASSSE. Pretty please, with a cherry on top????


One Response to “Good News, Bad News”

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    […] Yes, dearest, DEAREST hubby had our computer resurrected! God bless him. Did I mention how much I love that man? Posted in […]

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