Helping With The Dishes

Since the turn of the year, Little Missy dropped her late morning nap. This means that I have an active toddler for the whole morning! It has its fun side, she’s my little companion (shadow?), accompanying me while I grocery shop, run errands and even go on fun downtown trips (after Hubby-jr goes to school). When we’re not out, we enjoy slow mornings at home.

I’m cherishing these precious bonding moments with her as next year she’ll be attending playgroup sessions for 1½ hours in the mornings. (Sniff, my baby is growing up.)

The flipside is that she can sometimes (more than sometimes?) demand more attention than I can spare. It can be pretty annoying, not to mention a test of my patience especially when I’m trying to get the house chores done. She’ll keep yelling, “Mommy, come. MOMMY! COME! COME!!! MOMMY!!!” Yes, 2-year olds can be very persistent and often suffer temporary memory loss of the terms, No or Wait. “Later” to them means, a second later!

So I was so glad to stumble upon this “trick”. She now “helps” me wash dishes after lunch almost everyday. She’s happy just playing with water, soap water. Occasionally she “washes” a cup or bowl (plastic or melamine ones). Ya, well it is more of over-washing them in soap water…

It is brilliant. She’s happy and I hope she eventually does help me with real washing (one can hope right?). I get the dishes done and best of all, we have our bonding time over the sink!

Yes, this is how I do it. A dining chair, a sponge brush, a plastic bowl and some soap water (I usually give her more, she’s almost done in this picture). And oh yes, she usually needs a change of clothes after this. Next I’m getting her an apron!


4 Responses to “Helping With The Dishes”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Genius! and oh, how precious she is! Its a bittersweet truth that after you see how fast the first baby grows up, you tend to try to make the most of the moments you have with the remaining kids (cause you’ve just learned how quickly it does fly by)! I look back now and wish I had taken more time and not been so rushed with our twins when they were smaller… hindsight is always 20/20. Great idea though with the washing of the dishes! Kids love feeling like they are “helping” and you’re right, maybe this will make her truly want to help as she continues to get older! I will have to try it! :):)

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I learnt from my no.1 just how fast babies grow up. I still miss the times I had just with him before no.2 came. After Little Missy came I was so exhausted the first year that I missed out so much of his growing up then. So yes, with Little Missy, I’m making the most of every moment I have left before she enters the “education” system.

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  4. Tatiana @ Maddie's Adventures Says:

    Too cute … and brilliant! I love the idea of the sneak attack, training her to take over washing dishes for you in the future. Good call!

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