Stay Love

Grace is one of the Christian values I feel deeply about, having experienced God’s grace in my life. Knowing that God loves me for who I am and not what I did or didn’t do. Knowing that nothing I do (or did) will shock Him into not loving me has lifted and freed me beyond words.

Therefore I strive to impart this to my kids. I try to reinforce as much as possible that I love them even when they are naughty or disobedient.

“When I am naughty, mommy doesn’t love me,” Hubby-jr said one day.

“No, I love you even when you are naughty. I’ll always love you. When you are naughty you make me angry but I still love you. I love you because you are my son; you are God’s gift to me.”

The first time I told him, he seemed a little confused. How can mommy be angry (scolding and punishing) and still love him? After reassuring him a few more times, he took me at my word and repeated what I said verbatim, “mommy loves me even when I’m naughty.”

He asked me several more times (when I had to punish him), “do you love me when I am naughty?” And I’d reassure him. At times I’d also add, “I have to punish you when you are naughty because I have to teach you and I want you to learn to be a good boy.”

The question stopped after a while (a month or so ago?) and I almost forgot all about it until last night.

I lost my cool when they fought over a toy. Yes one out of tons that they have! As I was tucking them into bed I saw their dejected faces and felt sorry. So I said, “Hey, its okay, mommy’s not angry anymore. I won’t stay angry with both of you for long.”

And before I could say anything more Hubby-jr face lit up and he piped “but mommy will stay love you.”

“Yes, I will love you always. Both of you.”

My five year old got it. Sniff.


One Response to “Stay Love”

  1. catchfortywinks Says:

    Grace is something that I will want my child to have knowledge of as well-I cannot imagine living without God’s unmerited favour in my life, so as parents, it is probably one of the best gifts that we can impart to our child.

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