A Year On…

Mid July we met up with Hubby-jr’s class teacher for the kindergarten’s bi-annual parents’-teacher meeting. It was at such a meeting a year ago that his class teacher (then) was concerned with his lack of socializing and delay in speech. She (the teacher then) prompted us to have him checked and that led us to discover his hearing loss.I can’t believe it was just one year ago. Somehow it seems much longer. Maybe it is because we’ve gone through so much since then.

Looking back, I am very amazed at the progress I he we’ve made. (It’s great to look back once in a while to see where we started just to see how far we’ve come!)

His present class teacher reported he is doing well academically (even without me having to go through lesson plans with him). His written work is improving and he participates well in class activities. PLUS he’s interacting well with his classmates. Her only complaint was that he’s restless in class and often dozes off when she’s teaching! (Of which she has since rectified simply by changing his sitting position!)

He met one of his “buddies” while we were waiting that day and it was such a joy seeing him laugh and play with his friend. Just knowing he has made friends is huge enough on my happy indicator as it is. To be able to see him interacting and his friend reciprocating, it blew me away! Indeed he is such a different boy now, much more confident, friendly and talkative!

A year ago I went home with such a heavy heart. That day, I went home smiling (BIG smile) and extremely grateful (tearing grateful).


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