Monkey See, Monkey Do


Monkey Must Have Too and that’d aptly describe my no.2, Little Missy. She imitates just about everything her kor-kor (big brother) does and just about whatever kor-kor gets, she has to have it too (with the big exception of punishment!) It’s the common younger child syndrome isn’t it?

With Little Missy, its to the extent that she wants to take medication just because my older boy has to take antihistamines. His sensitive nose is acting up more often now with the utterly unpredictable weather fluctuating between scorching heat and thunderstorms.

“I wan medsen (medicine)! I wan medsen!”

“Okay dearie (if you insist), here…” and I feed her liquid Vitamin C (seize opportunities people, seize opportunities). Yes I confess I have been tempted at times to feed her drowsy antihistamines… sweet dreams sweetie… sleep longer yah?

Anyway, last Saturday, my poor son had a minor mishap on the escalator which left him with some nasty cuts on his knee. This “earned” Hubby-jr a pad on his knee held by first aid tape. In my effort to distract my son with happy thoughts I exclaimed, “Hey look, you have sticky tape on your knee!” (They’re at a sticky tape craze at the moment after watching the sticky tape episode of Dora a few dozen times). Next thing I heard was a not so little voice coming from a particular little person,

I wan stiky tape! I wan stiky tape!”

Ask and ye shall receive…

My dearest hubby’s handiwork.


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