My Son’s Haircut


This was taken a week before the haircut.


This was taken yesterday, a day after the haircut.


And… yes, this was taken while my dear son was having his haircut!

The credit for this hilarious scene (which REALLY took place) goes to… me. 🙂

No prizes for guessing, yes, Hubby-jr hates haircuts. Every past session is a drama in itself. The reason? He has a “thing” with bits of hair falling on his face, especially his eyes. He usually flinches and lets out occasional whines, screams and whimpers throughout the haircut which all but lasts (at most) 30 minutes.

To reduce the “trauma” my father-in-law used to have to shield Hubby-jr’s eyes with his hands while my mother-in-law executes the haircut. (Yah, how many grown-ups does it take to cut my dear son’s hair?)

Anyway, on Monday we fixed him a haircut appointment with my in-laws. Before we even left for their house my son was a bundle of nerves. “Yeh-yeh (grandpa) will cover my eyes.” He said repeatedly, looking to me for some sort of assurance. “Yes! Yes!” I replied… repeatedly. It was getting on my nerves. Just then, I thought of… goggles! (He just started swimming lessons… which is another story…)

I looked at him and said, “how about wearing goggles? If you wear it then the hair will not get into your eyes.” To my amazement, he calmed significantly at the idea and said, “okay.”

I was quite pleased at that point to have thought of such a “brilliant” idea… until the haircut itself. Yes, it worked, he was quiet throughout even though he was still tense. BUT I hadn’t anticipated how ridiculously funny the whole thing looked. Thankfully it was a home haircut. I don’t think I can turn him into such a spectacle at a hairdresser/barber in a mall!

Oh well, hopefully he’ll outgrow the need for goggles or I’d just have to think up of another “brilliant” idea when that time comes. For now, its goggles and behind closed doors at my in-laws.


2 Responses to “My Son’s Haircut”

  1. Ruth Says:

    your little man is such a cutie!

  2. Jane Says:

    He looks very very handsome with short hair! and that’s a brilliant idea yeah! : D

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