What have I been doing?

Oh dear, I just realised that I have not posted anything for the last 3 weeks. Pardon moi. My parents were down for two and half weeks (they left 2 days ago, sniff) and I was busy doing stuff I couldn’t do on my own. Stuff like…

  • Watching a Hong Kong cantonese drama (not recommended, highly addictive).
  • Reading. I discovered Nevada Barr books and I love them. An investigative series of a park ranger named Anna Pigeon.
  • Some house cleaning, i.e. throwing lots of accumulated junk.
  • Spending a day or two downtown and having lunch date with hubby.
  • Spending time with my parents. AND
  • Napping or just plain vegetating.

It was BLISSFUL. Did I mention I LOVE my parents and I LOVE it when they visit? *innocent smile and blink-blink*

Well I’m back blogging but probably just once a week cause I’d still like to do some of the stuff above, albeit to a lesser degree. Nonetheless I hope you’ll continue to drop by.


One Response to “What have I been doing?”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love it too when my parents visit. Got the chance to enjoy my parents’ yummylicious signature dishes. Agree with you too that they are a great “babysitter”. 😛

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