Birth Order Personality Traits

Did you know birth order affects all aspects of a child’s personality? Well according to psychologists it surely does. A child’s (and even yours) personality is affected by whether he/she is the first born, middle child, only child or the youngest in family.

First borns tend to be natural leaders. They also tend to be reliable, conscientious and perfectionists who don’t like surprises. Although, firstborns are typically aggressive, many are also compliant people pleasers. They are model children who have a strong need for approval from anyone in charge. 

Middle children can usually read people well, they are peacemakers who see all sides of a situation, they are independent and inventive. If a firstborn is a company’s CEO, the middle child is the entrepreneur. 

Only children are firstborns in triplicate. They are even more responsible and even bigger perfectionists. They usually get along better with people older than themselves. 

Last Borns are social and outgoing, they are the most financially irresponsible of all birth orders. They just want to have a good time. 

I’ve “heard” about this before and recently I discovered this article. By the way the article is dated 2002! Talk about old news eh? Oh well, if you’ve not read about it yet, it is rather interesting. The psychologists even have a brief guide on how to parent kids by their birth order. 

It has given me some insights to my children especially Hubby-jr, the first born personality fits him like a glove. I’ve to go a little easier on him and be aware of not giving him too much pressure AND affirming him whenever befitting.

My no.2, Little Missy, is definitely more social and outgoing and yeah, she sure knows how to have a good time. I’m working hard on keeping her from becoming a spoilt brat (she’s TWO plus, so it can be tough going at times…) Can you imagine I’ve already had many “arguments” with her? Sigh. (Yup, no speech delay in this fiesty, strong willed one. PHE-EW and SIGH. We can never have it all, can we?)

What about your children? Do they exhibit these personality traits according to their birth order?


One Response to “Birth Order Personality Traits”

  1. Linda Says:

    What a coincidence, just finished reading Kevin Leman’s Birth Order yesterday! Your daughter would be considered more of a functional first born i.e. first daughter in the family, heh heh. I still can’t see it in my 3 kids, but guess they’re still young? Though I do see it with me and my husband’s family of 3. Just wondering if the research is based on the research that is a generation past, cos today’s parents, more aware and could likely downplay the birth order effects….

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