And this is a…

Hubby-jr is much less resistent to writing and drawing these days. In fact there are days (note: plural, more than one) where he seems to (gasp) enjoy it!


Last Sunday was one of those days. He was doodling away during Sunday Service at our church. (He prefers to sit with us at the service rather than attend Sunday School and we let him.) He was drawing his usual train stuff and then, quite out of character of him, he drew a stick man.

Immediately after that he drew another and just when I thought he was done he added two thingies on the head.

stickgirlMy first thoughts were… oh, it must an alien or some cartoon character I couldn’t figure out. So, naturally I asked my dear son what it was AND he said… “that’s a girl.” Hubby and I went into a mini, silent giggling fit (a sermon was being preached).

Well apparently this is how the little man of my life pictures girls… or at least thinks it is how they should be depicted… with two antennas… oops, I mean pigtails! 🙂


P/S: If you’re wondering, drawing, writing and especially colouring are still WAA…AY down the chart of his favourite things to do, if they are on the list at all. However if he had a very general list, I think they’re probably just one step ahead of eating vegetables!


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