The Singapore Zoo

What’s there not to love about the Singapore Zoo? Besides the undesirable smell of just one or two of the animals? Nothing really. The undesirable smell is negligible (hold your breath and move along!)

Yes, you guessed it. We just paid the zoo a visit last Friday. It is one of our must-dos at every long school holiday (i.e June and Nov/Dec). This time I was more eager than usual to go. My friends have been raving about the newly opened Rainforest Kidzworld at the zoo.

And I finally saw why. It is fabulous.

The new Kidzworld has a huge water play area, a dry playground, flying fox, a carousel and pony rides. There’s also a Ben and Jerry’s outlet (one out of the 3 at the zoo) right next to the water-play area! YUM! And yes, KFC’s next to them.

Unfortunately we only had time to let the kids explore the water-play area (after looking at the animals) this visit. Still, they had a blast.





We plan to squeeze in another visit (or two?) to the zoo before the holidays end. For the next visit we’ll skip the animals (sorry) and head directly to Kidzworld!

The Singapore Zoo is truly a paradise for kids (and a lovely place for adults too)!

  • Favourite animals (elephants, giraffes, monkeys, etc.) – check
  • Interesting animals (probosis monkey, just to name one) – check
  • Great animal shows – check
  • Tram ride – check
  • Boat ride (newly opened) – check
  • Fast food (KFC) – check
  • Ben and Jerry’s – check, check, CHECK!
  • Big, fantastic kid’s play area  (Kidzworld) – Super Duper CHECK!
  • Really, what more could we ask for from a zoo???

    I mean besides building a glass dome over the zoo to shield us from rain and keeping it at optimal temperature (air con!!)… AND free entrance passes for everyone to boot… hmm (dream, dream, dream, dre-e-e-e-am).

    Oh, one more tip before I go, repellent, repellent, repellent! Lots of mosquitoes lurking around.


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