I’ve been to Hougang Mall many, many times and so I couldn’t believe that all those time I was there, I missed a toyshop tucked away at level 5.

That’s right, Toyrific is the name of the shop. And I think it is pretty Toyrific!

No, they do not have a fantastic range of toys. They do however have very reasonable prices! And yes, I do so love bargains. I find them simply ir-re-sis-ti-ble. 

Here’s some of the stuff I bought there. 


This is a really fun family game. The box was a little worn out (old stock?) but everything in it was brand new.


My mom bought this as a Christmas present for Hubby-jr. Excellent condition.


I bought this set of 6 eggs for Little Missy. It adds to her collection of toy food to play at her “kitchen”. Otherwise they are fun to play with as puzzles too.


My kids love this simple toy. It can keep them amused for more than 5 mins (trust me that’s alot!) Hold the stick end between both palms, spin and watch it fly in the air.

Go to their blog to see more of their products (don’t expect a fancy blog, it is a simple outfit). They have an outlet at Harbour Centre (Habour Front) too.

By the way I get no commission doing this (they don’t even know I’m blogging about them) nor am I a shareholder (hubby just asked me if I was helping them sell stuff). I just love to share a bargain, more importantly I need them to stay in business to feed my bargain hunting cravings every now and then! So give them a shot and check them out, okay? Please? (There, I said please.)


2 Responses to “Toyrific”

  1. Chopsticks « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] December 16, 2008 — mommy-fied Back to the topic of Toyrific, in addition to the toys I showed you, I bought two pairs of Edison Chopsticks […]

  2. al Says:

    That $1 “handicopter” is really fun.. (that’s what my daughter calls it)… i have been looking for it for a long time! thanks for pointing me to the right shop.. hee hee…

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