Back to the topic of Toyrific, in addition to the toys I showed you, I bought two pairs of Edison Chopsticks (“training” chopsticks) there and they are marvellous. My kids love them and they could use it pretty well the minute they tried it out.


In fact they finished their entire meal of fried noodles using the chopsticks. Yes they were more messy than usual, my son had food stains not only on his t-shirt but his arms and legs as well! But they were so thrilled and motivated using the chopsticks, it was well worth some extra cleaning. They’ve since been using the chopsticks everytime we eat noodles at home.


The chopsticks are designed and made in Korea. It is pure genius. They make learning how to use chopsticks easy peasy.


(photo taken from Cherry Lemon International website)

I surfed the net for a bit and found a Singapore website – Cherry Lemon International – that sells them online. Apparently they are also available at several Kiddy Palace outlets. The chopsticks are retailing at SGD12.90 online (inclusive of delivery charges) but I bought them at SGD9.90 each at Toyrific (big grin).


One Response to “Chopsticks”

  1. grace antoinette Says:

    Very interesting site! The chopsticks for beginners are really a really a genius idea. Yes, using chopsticks are also good for motorize the fingers. Flexible fingers are also important to play piano or violin.

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