All I want to say is

I truly, truly set out to blog more faithfully this month after an abysmal one post in November. And I was starting to do well too, wasn’t I?

But, then…

I decided to reorganise my kids rooms (I finally gave Little Missy a bed and stowed her “playpen bed” away). With that I had to do some major spring cleaning (both rooms and my store room). Now it’s about 90% done (for now at least).


My apologies to those of you who drop by faithfully (for the lack of posts lately). 


At the sametime I also want to say a great big THANK YOU for staying interested in what I have to write. It is a wonderful encouragement to me, I appreciate your audience.

Having said that,

I’ll probably be silent for the rest of this week too. Sorry, it is Christmas and after that we’ll be away on a retreat.


before I go, here’s a video. It is an adorable take on Nativity and the Little Drummer Boy.

Blessed Christmas everyone!


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