A New Year, A New Era

In December last year…

I packed away Little Missy’s playpen, the one she has slept in since she was born. The same one Hubby-jr slept in. Little Missy now has her own bed. Unlike my firstborn, she was so thrilled to finally have her own bed, just like kor-kor (big brother in Cantonese).


I packed away a sturdy stroller/pram. The wheels are so worn out, they have “smoothened” out. The stroller has well served its life. Both my kids used it from the day they were born. We had endless walks, shopping trips, visits to the  playground, visits to playdates with it. Now my kids walk with me. I still have a lightweight stroller for longer outings such as going to the zoo. But we’d probably give that away in a year’s time.

I packed away lots of baby toys too.

Way before December, I packed away milk bottles, baby monitor and gave away lots of baby clothes, shoes and stuff.

Babydom is over. Finito. Sigh.

At the turn of the year, my dear Little Missy started playgroup. Her first tiny step into the world of “formal” education. 

A new era is here.

AND as if I needed this fact to be hammered into my thick skull, my firstborn, Hubby-jr, dropped his first milk tooth a day after New Year’s! He is only 5 and half! He did not fall or got hit, his bottom front tooth just loosened and fell. For some strange reason, he was absolutely thrilled!


I on the other hand was far from thrilled. This my friends, to me marks the coming of the end of his preschool years. Next year, sniff, my once upon a time baby son is entering primary (junior) school. Yikes. But I still have one more year to get there… ONE whole year. I’ll cross that bridge then. And ONLY then.


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