Conversations with Little Missy

The first week my kids started school

Me: Can mommy go to work?

(It was one of “those” mornings where I just wanted to “run away” to formal employment.)

LM: No, cannot. Not now. Mommy must grow bigger and bigger first, then mommy can follow daddy to work. Not now. Next time, ok?

(I’ve often told her she can’t do certain things until she’s grown up, i.e. after she’s grown bigger and bigger. I usually repeat “bigger” with added emphasis just so she gets that it’ll be sometime before she gets to use makeup or drink coffee.)

Two days ago in a (get this) cubicle in a loo in a shopping centre! 

LM: Mommy is so..o tall.

Me: I’m tall?! (Hey, I don’t get to hear this much if any at all)

LM: Yes, mommy is so tall now. You can work now.

Me: I’m tall enough to work now?

LM: Yes.


One Response to “Conversations with Little Missy”

  1. sw Says:

    hahahaha! LM is hilarious!!!!

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