More Interesting Sites For Kids

Hello, today I’m sharing with you two interesting websites that I came across not too long ago. 

1) PEEP and the Big Wide World.

PEEP is actually an animated show that teaches science to preschoolers with characters that are cute and funny. We’ve never watched any of the shows before but we absolutely love their website.  There is a different show online everyday and quite a number of interesting games. All of which introduces (indirectly) science concepts to little ones between 3-5 years of age.

2) Do2Learn.

This is more of a website with educational resources targeting special needs. There are free areas where you can access games which are useful in language building and other areas such as social and motor skills development.

That’s all for now. I hope your kids enjoy PEEP as much as mine!


2 Responses to “More Interesting Sites For Kids”

  1. Bonnie Worthington Says:

    Hello, I think your readers might be interested in our website. There are free educational games for children, parents and schools with kids ages 3 and up. At (where Ed means Education), you can play free interactive spelling, math and concentration/matching games. Have fun, learn and sharpen computer skills at the same time!

    Bonnie Worthington
    Author, Engine Ed’s Colorful Train

  2. flash Says:

    Hey I stumbled upon your webpage by chance on yahoo while hunting for something totally obscure but I am truly happy that I did, You have just snagged yourself another subscriber. 🙂

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