Why Humpty Dumpty Fell

Little Missy loves and I really mean L-O-V-E school (playgroup to us, school to her. She likes to be “grown up”). Right from day one. She did not shed a single tear when I left her on her own on day two. AND, every morning she’s ready way before it is time for school. YES, the absolute opposite experience with my no.1 Hubby-jr.

So since starting playgroup, oops, I mean school, she loves to break out in songs whenever she feels like it. There was once she sang the ABC song on top of her lungs in the MRT (subway?) for about 15 minutes! Nope, she didn’t get it right either but that was no deterrent. Thankfully she’s at an adorable age and really cute so we didn’t get any killer glares.

One night, last week, she decided to belt out Humpty Dumpty (with daddy’s help). This time in a car. After singing the song two times she felt compelled to explain to us…

“Humpty Dumpty didn’t sit properly so Humpty Dumpty fall down. Ouch. Must Rub (she rubs back of  her head). Pain!”

Ah-Ha, so I see… and to think all these years, never once did I ponder or knew why Humpty Dumpty fell.



2 Responses to “Why Humpty Dumpty Fell”

  1. Pamela Peh Says:

    humpty dumpty was a powerful canon that sat on the wall to defend a city. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humpty_Dumpty

    Many children’s rhymes are not really pleasant … and can be quite gory… check out “rockabye baby” and “jack and jill” …. the baby died, and both jack and jill broke their crown!!!

    🙂 For fun!


  2. Felicia Lee Says:

    I think that he should had sat properly than this wouldn’t had happened at all

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