WFMW – How To Lower High Fever

One evening about two weeks ago, Hubby-jr’s temperature soared above 39.6°C. It wasn’t the first time but it still freaked me out.

High fevers – another thing I’ll never get “used to” being a mom.

Going into the night, the fever didn’t quite subside even after two rounds of panadol (paracetamol). We couldn’t feed him Nurofen(Ibuprofen), a previously prescribed medication by the doctor for high fever, as Hubby-jr’s allergic to it (it makes his eyes swell). I was getting desperate, no, not getting desperate, I was outright DESPERATE. So I tried something I read on the internet sometime ago.

raw egg whitesI tried egg whites. Yes, egg whites. Raw egg whites.

I soaked 2 small handkerchiefs with egg whites, rubbed them generously onto his feet (yes, bare feet) and wrapped the same handkerchiefs (soaked with egg whites) over his feet and put socks over them. Then I wrapped plastic bags over the socks (to prevent them getting his bed dirty).

Four hours later, his temperature dropped below 39°C to the 38°C region. I cleaned his feet and rubbed more egg whites on them. This time I used paper towels to hold the egg whites to his feet and wrapped his feet with small plastic bags before putting on the socks. This turned out to be a better way. We fed him another dosage of panadol too. It was now past 2am. 

After that we went to sleep and woke up only when it was morning proper. First thing I did when I got out of bed was to take his temperature. It fell below the 38°C mark and was now  37.8°C. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I fed him another dose of panadol and by mid morning his fever broke.

Did the egg whites really help? Hubby is a little skeptical because we continued feeding him panadol throughout. We can’t be 100% sure. Regardless though, I’m now a believer.

More than 100 people are convinced over at Earth Clinic where I found this unique remedy. Click here to read more about it.  

Over at Earth Clinic some of those who tried this method said that the egg whites “cooked” on the feet. That didn’t happen with Hubby-jr. But his feet did get all wrinkly (like after being too long in water) because I left wrapped till morning. I guess if I washed them off after an hour or so, the wrinkles wouldn’t appear.

So, if your child (or you or anyone) gets freakishly high fever… egg whites! I’m telling ya. Egg. Whites.

There’s no harm trying. Well unless your kid’s skin is allergic to egg whites…

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One Response to “WFMW – How To Lower High Fever”

  1. Liz Beh Says:

    Hi.. my kids got fever recently as well. Thankfully they are not allergic to Neurofen.. How about suppository (Voltran)? I usually use that when fevers are that high.. and over the night as it is last 8 hours.

    I actually remember mum using egg whites on me. Once I was ill but I can’t remember what illness it was. She put it on my cheeks with a large piece of cotton. My bro was in charge of changing it each time the egg whites dried up.. and I tell you I remember having really sticky cheeks but totally recovered by morning.

    BTW.. Am a fren of Jane’s and she recommended your blog.. :0)

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