“Do I have tentacles?” asked Hubby-jr two days ago while we were reading a book on ocean life together.

“Tentacles? No, you don’t.” I replied.

“Are these tentacles?” he persisted, reaching for his pants near his “you know where”.

“NO! That’s your penis. That’s NOT a tentacle. Jellyfish have tentacles like these (I pointed to the picture in the book), boys or people for the matter do not have tentacles.”

I was really baffled but the next question blew me away.

“Do I have tentacles in my… (he paused to search for the right word) scrotum?” (Thank hubby for the detailed anatomy lessons during night showers.)

Huh? What?!? I honestly had no clue whatsoever (at that time) as to where all his questions were coming from. (Do you get it yet? Or are you just as blur as I was?)

“No, you do not have tentacles in your scrotum!” I replied aghast and steered the conversation away and scooted him off for a short afternoon nap.

That evening just before Hubby-jr’s night shower, as I was relating the story to hubby, it finally struck me. I turned to my son and said…

“You have TES-TI-cles, not TEN-TA-cles.”


3 Responses to “Tentacles?”

  1. Raisingmustardseeds Says:

    Hahaha! That’s cute!

  2. Liz Loo Says:

    Hahaha… yup, mums really need to be walking dictionaries to be able to really understand our kids….

  3. The Question « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] April 4, 2009 — mommy-fied The tentacles episode was hilarious but it reminded of another conversation Hubby-jr and I had sometime mid last […]

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