Now that Hubby-jr talks a whole lot more we’ve had some pretty interesting conversations. Here’s one of them.

“Am I your master?” Hubby-jr asked.

“No! Jesus is my master.” I answered frowning. What gall?! As I wondered how my son came to harbour such notions of grandeur. Huff.

“Jesus is my master too,” said my son and I warmed up with a smile but was still a little puzzled.

He proceeded to ask, “am I Master Tan?” (His surname is Tan)

Aaahhhh… a big grin formed across my face as the light bulb switched on in my head. His current favourite DVD movie then (a few weeks ago) was Kungfu Panda. And in that show there is the character, Master Shifu who is Kungfu Panda’s master.

“Yes, you are Master Tan.” It is the culture here to address little boys, Master and little girls, Miss.

I continued to elaborate, “you are Master Tan just like daddy is Mister Tan but that doesn’t make you my master. That is a different meaning of master…”

But I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew he had stumbled upon the truth, that he and his little sister are my “masters”. The ones I serve and labour for. Everyday.


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