I’m Back

Hello, hello… hello! I’m finally back. I returned to Singapore last Wednesday, in body anyway. My spirit however was fighting reality. It took me another 2 days to recover from jetlag and the general lack of sleep I had during our holiday. It’s a sign of the loss of youth many moons ago, I can only sleep well on my own bed. Sigh. After which I had to face… laundry and unpacking! Aaargh. It was not pleasant AT ALL. “Where did I use to put these stuff anyway?! AND where was I going to put all these new ones?!!”

BUT that was WAS. NOW I am almost back to “normal”. Back to my daily life.

Part of me is sad, the other part relieved.

It was great being away, far away in a totally different environment (I highly recommend it). We were in Melbourne, Australia. Besides enjoying family time, catching up with loved ones (we stayed with my cousin), exploring new places, shopping and so on, for me it was also wonderful to be taken away from the daily little worries. I never realised how easy it is to get sucked into our little worlds and be so consumed by them. Being away helped put somethings into perspective and gave me a much needed breather. No must-do lists, and no obligations to fulfill for 16 whole days. It was simply marvellous.

On the flip side,

I missed my space and my bed. Imagine my family of four living with my cousin’s family of three. Even though her house was quite big, I felt my loss of personal space. There was some place I could retreat to at night but it wasn’t the same as home. I also found going out EVERYDAY rather tiring, especially with kids in tow.


While I definitely absolutely LOVED our holiday, I am glad to be back home. I am. Glad.

I’ll post some photos next time okay? Now it is time for me to sleeeeeep. In my bed. Sweet!


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