Swinging Around

While Little Missy chose to cycle at the park this was Hubby-jr’s preferred “vehicle”.


Yes, it’s a swing car. He had to manouver this to and from a park about 10-15 mins walk from our house. And at the park he “drove” around for about 30mins or more! By driving I mean alternating between swinging his arms left and right and pushing with both his feet. The park is a little hilly (slope-y?), so he had have some lovely cruises zooms down a long slope.

These days he has reverted to… nope not his skate scooter, nope not his bicycle… but another swing car! His old blue one. It doesn’t matter to him that most of his friends are cycling around. For now he’d rather just swing or push about whenever he is outdoors.

P/S: This yellow swing car was someone else’s castaway we found and picked up at the foot of our block. In fact we picked up two, this and a red one.


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