My Son’s New Love

This is hubby-jr’s new love, a little baby boy, his cousin. I shall call him Baby M.


Baby M is almost 3 months old (I think) and Hubby-jr ADORES him! The very moment Baby M appears in church on Sundays, he’d zoom away from us to sit with him. He’d stroke his head, smell him and give him lots of kisses. It’s very, very amusing to watch.

And poor whoever is babysitting Baby M that Sunday as Hubby-jr will bombard her with loads of questions. “Can Baby M walk?”, “Does Baby M like me?”, “Can Baby M sit up?”, “Can he talk?” and tons of other questions. He’d also help feed the baby by holding the milk bottle. He was so thrilled when Baby M grasped his finger with his tiny hands and he simply loves to carry and hug the baby.

This whole new love thingy caught hubby and I by surprise. This is NOT the first baby he has seen. There has been a few new babies at our church this year alone. And he has never liked any soft toys, never laid a hand on one or a doll and is just totally very “boy”. He’s also not very “nurturing” with his sister… but somehow he just took to Baby M.

“I love Baby M, mommy.” He’s told me many times.

Here’s another couple of pictures of him and Baby M. Note the delight on my son’s face. 🙂



4 Responses to “My Son’s New Love”

  1. Justpassingby Says:

    Hmmm… time for one more perhaps? 😛

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    Hahahaha, you’re not the first one to suggest… but nah, I’m done… as far as I can help it anyway.

  3. No More Eggs? « Mommy-fied Says:

    […] More Eggs? August 26, 2009 — mommy-fied Hubby-jr’s obsession with Baby M jogged to memory a conversation we had a few months […]

  4. QingHui Says:

    This is just so interesting to read… 🙂

    Not forgetting that he gently reminded me that Baby M is still a baby and that I shouldnt be so angry with him!!!!

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