Babies, again.

No, no, no! Before you jump to any conclusions, no, I am NOT having another baby. I am, however, posting about babies. Again. Sorry (why am I apologizing?! I’ve no idea!) It is still one of Hubby-jr’s obsession. As such the topic has is brought up again and again. And again. And that folks, is why I’m writing another post on babies.

I’d like to think that this will be the last of it but I seriously doubt it. Hubby-jr curiosity about babies has not waned a single bit. On the contrary it seems to be growing. I showed him a photo album of his baby photos and he drove me bonkers with his endless questions!

One fine weekend hubby came in the line of fire questions instead. I must say hubby handled it wonderfully. He sought help.  (No, not from me, he’s smart enough to avoid a life threatening situation.) He went to the internet!

And he found some lovely gems. Really cute, kids friendly very short videos on babies, courtesy of HowStuffWorks. Click on the link below to check them out. To find the videos for a very young audience, you’ll have to scroll down the page until you see cartoony illustrations of babies.

If that’s too big a challenge for you, here’s a list of links to each of the kids friendly videos.

Not only did the videos save me from bonkersville, I found them very entertaining too. Thank you so much hubby!


2 Responses to “Babies, again.”

  1. Xuexia Says:


    Thanks for the very useful links. I have bookmarked them, knowing that I will need them soon! I am also not ready for “Q&A” (argh!!…..)

    Thanks =)

  2. mommy-fied Says:

    Oh, my son was driving me nuts with questions about babies, he’s steered away from how babies came about in the first place. He was driving me nuts simply because he’d ask the same questions over and over again!

    Hubby searched the internet because hubby-jr started getting curious about what babies ate and the conversation went from newborns drinking only milk, to foetus and umbilical cord… and that’s when hubby found “how does baby eat and breathe in uterus”!

    Conversations with my 6 year old are getting more and more complex by the day! BUT I am very thankful his conversational skills are improving.

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