Help! I’m a closet…

semi karang guni (junk dealer collector)!

I can’t help it. To me, finding and picking up other people’s (good condition) castaways is unexplainably exhilirating! I get a high out of it. Seriously.

But instead of selling the “goodies” (ahem, one man’s junk may possibly be this woman’s find) I keep the stuff or pass it on. In this day and age, I’d like to call it recycling. Doesn’t that just make me sound so socially responsible? (lol) Then again, I am recycling even though that wasn’t (isn’t) quite the spirit of my actions.

What can I say? I’ve always loved a bargain and picking a free item just brings it to a whole new level. It sends me to the moon!

And my friends, Singapore is a junk collector’s heaven. Just see what I’ve picked up so far and you’ll know what I mean.


Remember this? Yes! I picked this up AND another one that is red!


How could I not bring this cute doggy home?


A cute stool for my little girl and a side table that's serving me well.

And this was my first find that started it all…

This lightweight stroller has served me so well and is still in good condition.

Hubby was a little embarassed and a little aghast when I lugged the stroller home but he got over it when I told friends/family I picked it up and they cooed over how new it looked. I felt so good. Yes, I even show off my finds! (Think I need help?) These days hubby assists me in going through junk! But he just helps carry the stuff, he doesn’t get high.


2 Responses to “Help! I’m a closet…”

  1. MustardSeedMum Says:

    No shame in it! We’re just being good stewards and keeping things out of the dump!

    I’ve somehow developed a reputation of retrieving items out of people’s garbage – if my children find something “new” in the house, they just assume that i probably got it out of the garbage, not from a store. 🙂

    a fellow karang guni in canada 🙂

  2. Karen Lim Says:

    Hey cuz, it runs in the family…..

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