Tim Burtonesque?

Thanks for dropping me encouraging notes in my previous post. Life has pretty much swung into a routine (albeit a new and more hectic routine) these days. And yes, I will elaborate more sometime down the road.

But for today I thought I’d post something on a much lighter note.

My other child, Little Missy  (who by the way turned 4 quite recently) loves to draw (and colour and even learning to write!) Yup, the total opposite of her older brother. Drawing people is one of her most recent acquired skills. When I saw her first “person” it spooked me out. Seriously.

See what I mean?! What’s with the eyes and mouth? I swear neither hubby or I have exposed her (or her brother) to any of the Tim Burton DVDs or books in our house. Err… yeah, hubby and I are fans… The picture by the way is supposed to be her and her Kor-Kor (older brother).

In an attempt to lessen the spookiness without dampening her spirit, I suggested drawing eyeballs within the eye and coloring only the eyeballs. I couldn’t make her do away with the teeth. It has to be drawn she insisted. Here’s the result.

What’s with the eyelashes at the bottom of the eyes? At this point I gave up and decided to just let her “talent” evolve naturally. No more intervening from me. I love Tim Burton stuff anyway. It’s just a little baffling since she loves Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty type of things… yes,  see! I’ve been surrounding her with sweet, cheery stuff. Nothing dark. I swear.

Then a few days ago I discovered this.

The teeth is still a little creepy but it is a whole lot less spooky don’t you think? 🙂

I just had to post my little girl’s first drawings. They sure did spook me but they also made me smile (cos I found them funny), made me a little teary on the inside (she’s growing) and made me beam a whole lot (I’m so proud)!


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