Great Sites For Kids

Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer has compiled a LONG list of great sites for kids. It’s not just a list that goes on and on and on, she has actually categorized them. A great first stop to find wonderful online stuff to entertain our pride and joy(s)! Click on the icon below to get there. I’ll be putting it up on my sidebar too.


So far I’ve checked out KneeBouncers and StoryPlace. KneeBouncers’ great for my two year old girl and both my kids liked StoryPlace.

Coincidentally the list includes Storyline Online which I discovered via Pilgrim Parent and was just getting round to introducing it. It’s a delightfully wonderful site featuring stories read by actors/actresses. My kids may be too young to fully appreciate it but I personally was captivated by some of the stories. A definite MUST see!

Okay, I shall not hold you back any longer. Go knock yourself out and click away! 


Online Books Exchange

I don’t know why it took me so long but I just discovered BookMooch (thanks to The Sojourner). BookMooch is (in their own words):

A community for exchanging used books. BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.

They are an international community with over 200 Singapore members! 

I’m so excited over this new discovery! I’ve lots of books I no longer need and after eons of not touching them, I’m convinced I’ll no longer re-read them. Yah, I finally came to my senses. The incredible amount of stuff we’ve accumulated since having kids is edging me to simplify, simplify, SIMPLIFY!

And what better way than to exchange used books I no longer need for ones I really want to read. This way I get to read more books in an “un-accumulative” way.

It’s such a cool way to recycle used books!

P/S: If you’ve other stuff besides books that you want to give away (instead of dumping), check out the Singapore Freecycle Network.

More Speech Development Links

I had a little trouble falling asleep two nights ago. This time it was not due to the usual suspect… anxiety. This time it was because I was excited! I was surfing the net just before bed and like a kid stumbling into a free flow candy store, I discovered some wonderful speech development websites! Check them out.

General Speech Development Stuff 

  • First stop, Speech – I like this site because it’s comprehensive and very easy to understand. There’s a page on the degree of hearing loss which gave me a clearer picture of Hubby-jr’s situation (the chart helped a lot). If you’re interested to know, Hubby-jr has about 40-50dB HL only in the low frequencies and only in his right ear.
  • – Okay the only reason I’m listing this site here is because I like their one particular page which charts normal speech sound development in kids. It’s a useful gauge.
  • Speech Language Pathology Websites – A very comprehensive list of sites. This is where I found (in the Children category) the other sites l’ve mentioned here but if you need other related information, this is a good place to start.

Websites with Ideas/Activites to Encourage Speech Development

That’s it for now. I hope you find them useful.

By the way I struggled through the next day due to my lack of sleep. Hmm… I think I better stop surfing the internet too near bedtime lest I stumble on something that’s gonna overstimulate my mind!

“Yes honey, I’m coming to bed soon… as soon as I’m done at the computer…”

Respect Your Husband = Not Nagging

A while ago I wrote Submit = Respecting Your Husband and that post was quite popular. I suspect I’m not the only one struggling with “submission” issues. Well if you are one of “me” I want to share with you a must read article I chanced upon today, I’m Not a Nag … Am I?

“I have a need, and it’s not being met when and how I want it to be.” For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why my husband didn’t understand this. I thought of nagging as “reminders” or “motivation.” But when I asked David for his explanation, he agreed with the more descriptive definition in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: “To find fault incessantly.” Ouch!

Sounds familiar? That’s an excerpt from the article. Sabrina, the author, also shares four ways to be nag free! She quotes,

“Scripture tells us that wives are to respect their husbands (Ephesians 5:33), and nagging shows a lack of respect.”

I don’t know about you but those words hit me and I’ve some pondering to do. My nagging seems to have increased proportionately to the number of years hubby and I’ve been married (almost 6) and the number of kids we have (we only have 2!). Me think it’s time to reverse it a little… OKAY maybe more than a little…

Sigh… anyway… don’t miss the other great reads on the topic of marriage from the same site:

God, Why Don’t You Fix My Husband?
What Every Husband Needs To Know

P/S: I found these articles by way of Raising Five where she quoted from the “What Every Husband Needs To Know” article.

P/P/S: Have a blessed Sunday!

WFMW – Quick & Easy Salmon/Cod Recipe

What kind of mommy are you? I’m the always-in-chaos type. So when it comes to cooking the more fuss free the better! I try my best to avoid the complicated ones with a thousand and one steps. Anything more than 2 steps is too much for me!

That’s why I love my mother in law’s recipe which I’m sharing with you today. A chinese twist to seasoning salmon or cod fish. It’s really easy and tasty.

Marinate a piece of salmon or cod fish (of about 300 grams) with the following:

  • Oyster Sauce (1 to 2 tbsp)
  • Sesame Oil (1 tsp)
  • Ground Black Pepper (generously)

Then grill or bake the fish in the oven or oven toaster. You can also choose to pan fry it as it is or coat it with corn flour before you do so. I usually bake it in the oven toaster for about 10 minutes.

There you have it, your main or meat dish for the day!

For more of this week’s Works For Me Wednesdays tips click here.

More Links…

Just two more…

Let’s get Wokking! features many home cook food recipes. This incredible mommy really loves to cook and she whips up these creative stuff for her kids. Great site for recipes with yummy looking photos of the end product.

BetterChinese – this is an educational site that helps kids learn Chinese. Great thing about the site is that the instructions are in English! Downside is that it’s free only for 30 days after you sign up. After that it’s ka ching! Thanks Parenting Times for finding this site.

Hope you find them useful. Have a great weekend!

More Mommy Blogs I Like

A month ago I wrote about three Mommy Blogs I Like. Since then I’ve discovered two more – Raising Five and Fruit in Season.

I’m loving both these blogs. They are wonderfully lovely women. No I don’t know them personally but I can tell from their posts which are insightful and meaningful. They have such a gift in writing and I’ve been very blessed by them.

So head on over there and enjoy and be blessed!

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