Dream Kitchen

One of my favourite websites of which I visit frequently is Ikea Hacker. It features all sorts of home projects from all over the world using Ikea stuff. Some of the projects are like, WOW! Is that really Ikea furniture?!

Lately Ikea Hacker has been posting various play kitchen projects which are Simply Fabulous.¬†Check these out!! Can you believe that each of them were self made? (Read: not bought off the shelf from a toyshop.) Remarkable isn’t it? Click on the pictures for the links.







How I wish someone would make one for me my little girl.

By the way if you like design or decor stuff, another website I recently discovered (from a link from one of the posts above) is ohdeedoh. I just love to head there and ogle.

P/S: I’ve been REALLY busy the last month, hence the silence but I’m back and will be posting something each week.

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