The Marshmallow Test

What does one do when one is stuck at home? Well this one here, i.e. moi, surfs the internet a little more than usual. When the kids are watching DVDs, of which they are doing more than usual as well. Sigh.

Anyway, found this rather amusing youtube video. Do take a look. Great comic relief.

P/S: Latest update, Hubby-jr has recovered from HFMD but Little Missy got infected a few days ago and so the house arrest has yet to be lifted. Two kids trapped at home. Huge sigh.


Conversations with Little Missy

The first week my kids started school

Me: Can mommy go to work?

(It was one of “those” mornings where I just wanted to “run away” to formal employment.)

LM: No, cannot. Not now. Mommy must grow bigger and bigger first, then mommy can follow daddy to work. Not now. Next time, ok?

(I’ve often told her she can’t do certain things until she’s grown up, i.e. after she’s grown bigger and bigger. I usually repeat “bigger” with added emphasis just so she gets that it’ll be sometime before she gets to use makeup or drink coffee.)

Two days ago in a (get this) cubicle in a loo in a shopping centre! 

LM: Mommy is so..o tall.

Me: I’m tall?! (Hey, I don’t get to hear this much if any at all)

LM: Yes, mommy is so tall now. You can work now.

Me: I’m tall enough to work now?

LM: Yes.

And this is a…

Hubby-jr is much less resistent to writing and drawing these days. In fact there are days (note: plural, more than one) where he seems to (gasp) enjoy it!


Last Sunday was one of those days. He was doodling away during Sunday Service at our church. (He prefers to sit with us at the service rather than attend Sunday School and we let him.) He was drawing his usual train stuff and then, quite out of character of him, he drew a stick man.

Immediately after that he drew another and just when I thought he was done he added two thingies on the head.

stickgirlMy first thoughts were… oh, it must an alien or some cartoon character I couldn’t figure out. So, naturally I asked my dear son what it was AND he said… “that’s a girl.” Hubby and I went into a mini, silent giggling fit (a sermon was being preached).

Well apparently this is how the little man of my life pictures girls… or at least thinks it is how they should be depicted… with two antennas… oops, I mean pigtails! 🙂


P/S: If you’re wondering, drawing, writing and especially colouring are still WAA…AY down the chart of his favourite things to do, if they are on the list at all. However if he had a very general list, I think they’re probably just one step ahead of eating vegetables!

My Boy and A Balloon Pump

Put a boy, er… let me rephrase that as I really shouldn’t generalise…, put my boy and a pump together and what do we get?

A boy trying to pump his own tummy!

First he positioned it carefully into his belly button.

Next he… pumped and pumped and pumped! (I kid you not)

“What are you doing?” Asks my dear hubby.

“I am pumping my tummy until the tummy becomes a balloon!” 

It was simply hilarious. But now as I’m writing this, I am thinking… there may come a day, 30 or 40 years from now, where he’ll be doing the exact opposite. Trying NOT to let his tummy balloon!

My Son’s Haircut


This was taken a week before the haircut.


This was taken yesterday, a day after the haircut.


And… yes, this was taken while my dear son was having his haircut!

The credit for this hilarious scene (which REALLY took place) goes to… me. 🙂

No prizes for guessing, yes, Hubby-jr hates haircuts. Every past session is a drama in itself. The reason? He has a “thing” with bits of hair falling on his face, especially his eyes. He usually flinches and lets out occasional whines, screams and whimpers throughout the haircut which all but lasts (at most) 30 minutes.

To reduce the “trauma” my father-in-law used to have to shield Hubby-jr’s eyes with his hands while my mother-in-law executes the haircut. (Yah, how many grown-ups does it take to cut my dear son’s hair?)

Anyway, on Monday we fixed him a haircut appointment with my in-laws. Before we even left for their house my son was a bundle of nerves. “Yeh-yeh (grandpa) will cover my eyes.” He said repeatedly, looking to me for some sort of assurance. “Yes! Yes!” I replied… repeatedly. It was getting on my nerves. Just then, I thought of… goggles! (He just started swimming lessons… which is another story…)

I looked at him and said, “how about wearing goggles? If you wear it then the hair will not get into your eyes.” To my amazement, he calmed significantly at the idea and said, “okay.”

I was quite pleased at that point to have thought of such a “brilliant” idea… until the haircut itself. Yes, it worked, he was quiet throughout even though he was still tense. BUT I hadn’t anticipated how ridiculously funny the whole thing looked. Thankfully it was a home haircut. I don’t think I can turn him into such a spectacle at a hairdresser/barber in a mall!

Oh well, hopefully he’ll outgrow the need for goggles or I’d just have to think up of another “brilliant” idea when that time comes. For now, its goggles and behind closed doors at my in-laws.

How Difficult Is It To Dress A Little Girl?

Which is the front? (a) or (b)?

(a)                                                  (b)

(a)                                          (b)



If your answers for all the above was (b) I’ll have to ask you this, “are you my husband?!”

That’s right folks, the man I swore to spend the rest of my life with is simply clueless when it comes to girls’ clothes! Him dressing my little girl is like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Now you would think, ooookay, dressing girls’ can be a little tricky at times (is this the front or back?) especially for a guy who grew up with only two brothers and no sisters. I’ll cut him a little slack even though both the tops had tags and I’ve always assumed everyone knew that tags usually mark the back of that piece of clothing.

BUT… how puzzling can it be when it comes to the opposite, i.e. removing clothing from a little girl? Especially if it’s just a two piece thingy like the one below.

Yah, what’s so puzzling about this right?

Well, one night when hubby was helping me bathe Little Missy (which he occasionally does) he floored me with the question, “honey, how do I remove this piece of clothing?”

“Huh?! It’s a skirt and blouse.” I answered assuming he would… you know, figure out that it’s a two piece clothing, you know, a skirt and a blouse (and from there deduce that he has to remove them separately?!)

“What?!” He asked. And I’m thinking… “What the….?!” but I just yell, “it’s a skirt and a blouse!” I was just too flabbergasted to give him any other answer (what would you have said?)

Just as I was about to head over to help him, he finally figured it out. “Oh, I thought it was a one piece thingy that had something around the waist to make it look like a two piece thingy,” He said.

Huh?! What?!! (I swear this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I couldn’t stop laughing out loud that whole night!)

Go figure! This is a man who oversees a few sections at his workplace but when it comes to dressing his little girl…

I’m never assuming anything ever again!

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The Elephant Song

I LOVE this song I found on youtube by Eric Herman. It’s intelligently funny and cute. Pre-school kids will love this. Yah, I’m actually a 5-year old trapped in a mom’s body! Hahaha…

Intelligent but more suitable for pre-schoolers and a grown up like me loves it??! Confused? Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

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