IKEA Tampines

If you’ve yet to find out, IKEA Tampines is a family-with-young-kids’ haven. We went there for breakfast this morning. Although the shopping area opens at 10am, the restaurant opens for breakfast from 8am.  Hubby and I had a nice slow breakfast as hubby-jr had fun in a small play area within the spacious eatery (If your child is very young, the play area is surrounded by seats, so that you can eat in peace while watching your little one). The breakfast was yummy (not fantastic but nice enough), we had French toast with an egg, a sausage and baked beans, all for only $2.20 per plate! (As hubby is a “friend” of IKEA, we had complimentary coffee). Much better than breakfast at MacDonald’s if you ask me! 

After that, hubby-jr had to go through his favourite ritual at IKEA. Off to the mini slide at the kids’ area. He can spend half hour easily just playing with the slide. Don’t ask me why, I’m just as clueless. Up the 3 steps, pass a very short tunnel and down the slide. Over and over and over again. Then he’d like sit in this egg-like swivel chair (see pic below), cover himself and do a few spins. And when it’s time to leave, he’d have a cruise to the exit standing in the mini trolley IKEA has where you hang their big yellow plastic bag (I wish I took some pictures, maybe next time). 


There, it’s one of our family mornings when daddy’s on leave. “Yes mommy, I enjoyed myself at IKEA shopping centre,” says a satisfied hubby-jr as we head home.  

There are only a few things missing from IKEA, mainly shoes, bags and clothes! If only they sold those, then I could perhaps actually manage some shopping with kids in tow!


Prata and Nature Walk

Finally after being holed up at home for the last two weekends (kids were sick one after the other), we ventured out of the house yesterday.

We headed down to Casuarina Curry Restaurant for the yummiest prata in town. Ever since hubby found this place, we’ve not been anywhere else for prata. Their yumdelicious prata is tasty, fluffy and crispy. Simply heavenly!

After the satisfying breakfast, we took a nature walk (hike) at the Lower Pierce Trail. We walked down Old Upper Thomson Road to the Casuarina entrance of the Trail. It’s lovely to stroll along the boardwalk that’s partly shaded by nature. I especially like the part where the boardwalk takes you along the edge of the reservoir. Very serene and the view is marvellous.

We’ve done this couple of times but we’ve never completed the entire trail. We usually turn back halfway. Next time perhaps.

P/S: Hubby carried little missy in a front facing baby carrier for our little hike. The Trail is not quite stroller friendly as there are a number of steps. But if you are the gungho sort it still can be done as the steps are kinda gradual.

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