I said “I will”

on this day eight years ago…


Eight years and counting! I am blessed. ūüôā


Seeing Double?

On the right is… my five year-old son.¬†On the left is… my dearest hubby, many, many moons ago.

Married one, got a mini version along the way! Now¬†you know why I’ve chosen the pseudonym “Hubby-jr” for my son.

By the way it is hubby’s birthday today. Happy birthday honey!

Mothers Dealing With Discouragement

Sometimes I get so discouraged with the way the kids are acting or the way the house looks. I feel like I’m doing the best I can, but it’s not good enough. My husband tries to help, but I just feel worse. What can I do?¬†Click here to read more (if the link doesn’t bring you to the article, go¬†here¬†to download a copy I saved as a word document).¬†

Its an article I found over at FamilyLife.com

P/S: It has great tips for husbands too.

I can never eat…

…papaya EVER AGAIN.

Little Missy loves the fruit and has been chomping up a lot of it the last two days.

Well, what goes in MUST come out.

The smell… (Oh. My. W…! THE smell!) The fragrance-before and the foul-after seems to have some distinguished semblance…

Even the colour of her “you-know-what” was “distinguished”.

…I leave the rest to your imagination.

Now every time I look at the fruit (the REAL fruit)… I can do nothing but¬†“imagine”.


‘Nuff said.

P/S: You can blame hubby for this unappetizing post. I was sharing my thoughts on this with him when he cut me short with this exclamation… “Too much information!!! If you need to talk about it, don’t tell me, just put it in your blog!”¬†

In My Father’s Arms


I’m doing some reminiscing today. This was taken when Hubby-jr was barely a month old. He was a colicky baby. The first night he came home from the hospital he screamed from 9pm till about 2am? Something like that, I can’t remember the exact details, I only remember it being VERY long and it being VERY tramautising!

A week later he was still colicky at that hour. But dear hubby had a way of soothing him and every night for the next few weeks my newborn son could only fall asleep on his chest, in his arms.

I took this photo one night. It’s one of my most beautiful memory of my son and especially of my hubby. Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t little baby look just blissful? Like nothing could hurt him… It reminds me that “I’m safe in my Father’s arms.”

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Hubby and I have been married for 6 years. Yeah, SIX whole years. On one hand it seems just like yesterday that we got married and yet on the other, it seems like we’ve always been married!

They say… “You’d end up marrying someone like your dad.”

They say… “History has a tendency to repeat itself.”

In my case, “they” were so right, it isn’t even funny.

I’ve never seen my daddy give my mom flowers, ever! But I’ve seen how he’d drive out and wait for my mom when it’s raining just so she won’t have to walk in the rain. Not romantic but sweet.

Hubby’s bought me flowers many times and even bling blings (not huge ones but good enough for me) but in general he’s more sweet and not quite the romantic. If I expected a surprise planned romantic night out that would sweep me off my feet… let’s just say “fat hope” would have filled my entire apartment and more!

BUT hubby is very sweet. He’d make me coffee in the mornings, help me feed the kids in the mornings just so I can the extra 30 minutes of sleep. He did the grocery shopping for 2 months after each of my babies just arrived and I was overwhelmed. He’d take leave from work if he can if any of our kids or I fell ill or had some doctor’s appointment. I could just go on some more but I think you get the picture… so you see, he’s just the sweetest. Not romantic but sweet.

My parents met at work, fell in love and got married.

Hubby and I met at work, became friends then fell in love and got married.

My dad is younger than my mom by one year.

Hubby is two years younger than me.

My parents have two kids, first a boy and second me! My brother’s older by 2 and half years.

Hubby and I have two kids. First a boy and second a girl. Hubby-jr’s older by almost 3 years.

Isn’t it just downright creepy? Life is truly stranger than fiction! But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my hubby and I love the family we’re building together.

Respect Your Husband = Not Nagging

A while ago I wrote Submit = Respecting Your Husband and that post was quite popular. I suspect I’m not the only one struggling with “submission” issues. Well if you are one of “me” I want to share with you¬†a must read¬†article I chanced upon today, I’m Not a Nag … Am I?

“I have a need, and it’s not being met when and how I want it to be.” For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why my husband didn’t understand this. I thought of nagging as “reminders” or “motivation.” But when I asked David for his explanation, he agreed with the more descriptive definition in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: “To find fault incessantly.” Ouch!

Sounds familiar? That’s an excerpt from the article. Sabrina, the author, also shares¬†four ways to be nag free! She¬†quotes,

“Scripture tells us that wives are to respect their husbands (Ephesians 5:33), and nagging shows a lack of respect.”

I don’t know about you but those words hit me and I’ve some pondering to do.¬†My nagging seems to have increased¬†proportionately to the number of years¬†hubby and I’ve¬†been married (almost 6) and the number of kids we have (we only have 2!). Me think it’s time to reverse it a little… OKAY maybe more than a little…

Sigh… anyway… don’t miss the other great reads on the topic of marriage from the same site:

God, Why Don’t You Fix My Husband?
What Every Husband Needs To Know

P/S: I found these articles by way of Raising Five where she quoted from the “What Every Husband Needs To Know” article.

P/P/S: Have a blessed Sunday!

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