Evergreen fun

Since June (this year) we’ve visited Pasir Ris Park twice. Before that we hadn’t for about 2 months. So when we re-visited this (one of) our favourite place(s) we were surprised to find a very fun development.

No, it is not a new play structure. On the contrary, it is an old game on one of their existing structures. An old game we never thought of till someone else did during our non-visiting months. And from what we observed seems to be the current fad there.

Sliding down this “hill” (see pic below) on a piece of cardboard is what I’m talking about.

Yup, instead of going down the steel slide the kids were having a ball of a time sliding down a piece of cardboard on the artificial grass beside it. The first time we discovered a group of children doing this, some of them were nice enough to give Hubby-jr and Little Missy pieces of cardboard to join in the fun. The second time we went prepared with our own (picked from 7-11 near our house!)

Here is honestly the best shot I have of the fun.


Hubby and I couldn’t resist joining in too! Albeit for a shorter period. Climbing up the slope repeatedly for that few seconds of thrill was quite tiring. But the kids could go on like forever… if not for the sun going down on us we wouldn’t have been able to leave the park!

So the next time you decide to go to Pasir Ris Park don’t forget to bring some cardboard pieces for everyone.


The Singapore Zoo

What’s there not to love about the Singapore Zoo? Besides the undesirable smell of just one or two of the animals? Nothing really. The undesirable smell is negligible (hold your breath and move along!)

Yes, you guessed it. We just paid the zoo a visit last Friday. It is one of our must-dos at every long school holiday (i.e June and Nov/Dec). This time I was more eager than usual to go. My friends have been raving about the newly opened Rainforest Kidzworld at the zoo.

And I finally saw why. It is fabulous.

The new Kidzworld has a huge water play area, a dry playground, flying fox, a carousel and pony rides. There’s also a Ben and Jerry’s outlet (one out of the 3 at the zoo) right next to the water-play area! YUM! And yes, KFC’s next to them.

Unfortunately we only had time to let the kids explore the water-play area (after looking at the animals) this visit. Still, they had a blast.





We plan to squeeze in another visit (or two?) to the zoo before the holidays end. For the next visit we’ll skip the animals (sorry) and head directly to Kidzworld!

The Singapore Zoo is truly a paradise for kids (and a lovely place for adults too)!

  • Favourite animals (elephants, giraffes, monkeys, etc.) – check
  • Interesting animals (probosis monkey, just to name one) – check
  • Great animal shows – check
  • Tram ride – check
  • Boat ride (newly opened) – check
  • Fast food (KFC) – check
  • Ben and Jerry’s – check, check, CHECK!
  • Big, fantastic kid’s play area  (Kidzworld) – Super Duper CHECK!
  • Really, what more could we ask for from a zoo???

    I mean besides building a glass dome over the zoo to shield us from rain and keeping it at optimal temperature (air con!!)… AND free entrance passes for everyone to boot… hmm (dream, dream, dream, dre-e-e-e-am).

    Oh, one more tip before I go, repellent, repellent, repellent! Lots of mosquitoes lurking around.

    Henderson Waves

    Last Saturday we finally visited the Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It is also part of the recently opened Southern Ridges. It was quite spectacular.

    I never thought I would ever describe any scenic thingy in Singapore as spectacular (hey, don’t blame me, I’ve been to the Canadian Rockies!)… But this truly was is quite spectacular. It did take my breath away. I loved it. Whoever conceptualised this was is brilliant!


     Breathtaking isn’t it?

    Hubby-jr monkeying around with other kids

    We only walked from the Henderson Waves (bridge) to Mount Faber and from there we took a cab to Vivocity (a mall). We had to cut short our plans because we picked a wrong day and a wrong time. It was blazing (and I mean burning, melting, BLAZING) hot and late morning was approaching noon! We just had to get indoors.

    Oh well, next time, we’ll head out early morning and start from Hort Park. From there we’ll walk all the way to Mount Faber, if not Vivocity. Yup, that’s the plan. I’ll tell you more about it when (whenever that is) we do fulfill… the plan.

    Pasir Ris Park

    This morning we made our way to Pasir Ris Park after hubby heard that they’ve renovated the children’s playground. I was quite blown away when we reached the place.  The children’s play area is HUGE, boasting 4ha. I think it held about 5 to 6 or more different play stations catering to kids of all ages (including teens). This place is awesome. In our opinion (hubby’s and mine) it is better than Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

    Needless to say my kids had a fantastic time. Here’s some of the stuff they did.

    Spider’s web type of thingy?
    Up, up, up.
    Down, down, down. Wheee!

    Fire engine drivers.

    For an overview of the children’s play area click on these below.

    prpark3.jpg prpark1.jpg prpark2.jpg prpark4.jpg prpark5.jpg prpark6.jpg

    There’s also flying fox for children (not in the pics), “rock climbing” thingy for pre-schoolers and swings. Quite something else, don’t you think?

    What’s more, besides the children’s play area, there’s horse riding, a mangrove boardwalk, bicycle tracks and a beach at the park. (For more info click here.) It was too bad we only had time for the playground today. But as the terminator would say, “We’ll be back!” (cheesy huh? lol.)

    Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

    Seizing the excellent weather on Saturday, we ventured to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – a new garden designed and dedicated to children! It’s a really great place for kids. The garden has a suspension bridge, a tree house, a mini waterfall, a maze, a sandy playground, a waterplay area, and a few other stuff.

    Entrance is free but adults must be accompanied by children below 12 years of age (I think that rule rocks!). Another thing to note, they close at 7pm.

    Did my kids enjoy themselves? Take a peek at the photos.


    Suspension bridge (it really sways!)


    Pumping water @waterplay area


    Playing with a watering can @waterplay area


    Mini fountain @waterplay area

    Okay, I’m sorry we didn’t get to take any photos of the tree house and other stuff. It was crowded with kids and we were too busy watching out for ours. Yes, the outing to the garden was exhausting for hubby and I. If you’re looking for a place for the kids to run and play while you relax, this is not IT! Well… unless you have older kids.

    The verdict…




    “It was okay and by the way…” Little Missy babbling some “constructive” feedback.

    Mum & Tots Movie Treats

    Just this last Tuesday we brought Hubby-jr to watch RATATOUILLE. He loved it and so did hubby and I! And you know what? Hubby-jr got to watch it for free! 

    Mommies, check out Cathay’s Mum & Tots Movie Treats.


    You can get a free ticket for one child (below age of 7) on Tuesdays (before 12pm). Cool eh? Although it’s not valid on (or eve of) Public Holidays, the treat holds for school holidays.

    We went to the new Cathay Cineplex at Ang Mo Kio Hub. Be prepared for a crowd and arctic conditions! And oh, you can ask for a child booster seat from the staff before entering the cineplex. Kudos to Cathay for being so family friendly and giving us moms a treat!

    Bumboat Ride To Pulau Ubin

    Yesterday morning we fulfilled one of Hubby-jr’s “wildest dreams” – a bumboat ride!

    My four year old just loves the water, from waterplay to swimming in the pool to swimming at the beach. And he’s been dreaming of a boat ride ever since we took our kids for a stroll from the Esplanade to the Merlion at night. He sat on the steps at the foot of the Merlion and stared dreamily at the tourist boats on the Singapore River. We’ve been back to the Esplanade a few more times since and each time he’d ask for a boat ride and when we said no, he’d just sit and stare at the boats in wonder. We refused little Hubby-jr’s request simply because we felt the price of the boat ride was not worth it.

    Well hubby came up with the ingenius idea of having breakfast at Changi Village followed by a bumboat ride to and fro Pulau Ubin. (By the way we’ve been to Changi Village about three times with the kids but we’ve never taken the ride. Usually we’ll just have some fun at the beach.)

    It was a wonderful 15 minutes boat ride at $2 per person (one way) to Pulau Ubin. Nice view and lovely sea breeze. What I really liked was the view at Pulau Ubin Jetty, I just love being so near the sea. We didn’t stay long at Pulau Ubin and left for Changi Point Jetty shortly. Another 15 minutes at $2 per person and our simple bumboat outing came to an end.

    Hubby-jr was very, very satisfied to say the least. And so was I… hubby and Little Missy!

    (We were too distracted by enjoying the moment that we didn’t take any photos but I found some on the internet and attached them here)


    Bumboats at Changi Jetty


    View of Pulau Ubin Bridge from the bumboat

    P/S: We plan to check out Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin when Little Missy’s past her two-year old birthday.

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