Breathe In… And Hold.

A few days ago I was inspired by my blog friend Ruth to dig out my wedding dress from my closet. Ruth displayed some of the hidden treasures found in her closet on her blog and it made me wonder if I had any in mine. Lo and behold I remembered my wedding dress! Yes I bought mine 🙂

Anyway, after admiring it for a few minutes I found myself wondering if I could still fit into it (my wedding was a little more than 6 years ago). So I tried it on and guess what? It fit! Yes it was a little tighter but I could button it all the way. However I imagine the buttons would come off popping one by one if I actually sat down! Yes I made hubby take photos, so here’s a shot (not bad eh?).


My wedding dress was a two piece thingy and I only tried on the top. I’m leaving the adventure of trying both pieces for another day, thank you very much. Buttoning this top alone was no easy feat!

P/S: I know I mentioned that I’m thinner now than ever before but I also mentioned that the weight loss wasn’t evenly distributed. The tummy, people, the tummy!


One Response to “Breathe In… And Hold.”

  1. Ruth Says:

    BEAUTIFUL DRESS MOMMYFIED! and you look great as well. i would never get my dress on — especially at over 4 months pregnant! 🙂 maybe one day…. 😉

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