Hellooo…. I’ve a secret to tell… one that’s not going to make me very popular… but here goes… I’m the thinnest now in my life than I’ve EVER been. Yes, thinner than before I had kids. Thinner than when I was a teenager or in my twenties! Before you kill me with envy, don’t. DO NOT be envious. I repeat, DO NOT be envious. You wouldn’t want to be in my shoes (at least I don’t think you would. If you do, you need help).

The main reason I’m hovering between 46-47kg at this point in my life is I’m in poor health. I’ve fallen ill more than I can remember last year. It didn’t help that Hubby-jr started nursery and caught lots of bugs that spread to me. It didn’t help that hubby caught a major mycoplasma bug last year and spread it to me. In between I caught some bugs myself and had about three stomach flu attacks! Yes, it seemed that bugs were drawn to me like magnets and I wasn’t strong enough to ward off their attacks!

I even had to go through Christmas with mild flu and having recovered from that I caught a cough just as it was New Year’s Day. It almost went away when it turned into an infection around my throat area just two days ago and I had no choice but go to the Doc’s. And the year has just started. Sigh!

I’ve since started popping Vitamin C and other supplements religiously (my only New Year resolution). It may be psychological but I think I’m recovering a teensy bit faster than all the “other” times. So maybe the Vit C is working (I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)

While I admit there’s a small part of me that’s just a tad pleased with being thin (what has society done to us women?!) I’d rather have had the little extra something and enjoyed more normal days with my kids and hubby. So I’m definitely praying for better health this year!

P/S: My boobs are still more “southward” and my waist is still a little thicker than pre-pregnancy. The bugs didn’t help with those.


3 Responses to “Secret”

  1. Ruth Says:

    🙂 hope the “bugs” have passed over you.

  2. mamabliss Says:

    **HUGZ** May our Lord’s mighty hands protect you against more attacks… and may he heal you swiftly every time… 😉

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